Ronconi Filippo

Filippo Ronconi is associate professor (Maître de Conférences) at the School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences of Paris (EHESS), where he has created the chair Writing and Society in Byzantium (Ecriture et société à Byzance). He is Member of PSL – Research University Paris, of the European Laboratory of History and Anthropology of Knowledge, Technics and Beliefs (LabEx Hastec), founding member of the CéSor (Centre d’études en sciences sociales du religieux), corresponding member of the AHLOMA group (Anthropologie historique du long Moyen Age), which is a part of the CRH (Centre de Recherches Historiques), member of the common seminar of EHESS, Peking University Běidà and EFEO, which takes place at the Peking University Běidà, remote referee of ERC Starting Grant and director (with Jean-Luc Fournet) of the International Itinerant Paleographic SchoolIIPS.

The foci of his research are manuscripts, inscriptions and documents, their production and circulation from Antiquity to the Middle Ages. He concentrates on Byzantine culture and civilization.

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