Riccardo Montalto


I am a PhD candidate in Greek Paleography at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, where I took my Bachelor’s degree in Classics (thesis in Latin Paleography ‘I documenti papali per l’ospedale Santo Spirito in Sassia tra il 1198 e il 1358’) and my Master’s degree in History (thesis in Diplomatics ‘Il Censimento Bartoloni per l’Archivio Colonna. I documenti pontifici originali da Innocenzo III a Martino V escluso (1198-1417)’). My doctoral research concerns Achilles Statius, a portuguese humanist of the XVI century: through the identification of his script in marginal notes, I aim to recognise the manuscripts he possessed (then acquired from the Vallicelliana Library), discover his method of study and the links between his library and his works. I’m interested especially in Greek and Latin paleography, but in Codicology and Diplomatics too

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