Daniela Gallo


I am a PhD student at University of Cassino and Southern Latium (supervised by Paolo De Paolis), where I won a scholarship for the doctoral degree in Literary and Historical Sciences in the Digital Age (curr. Historical and Philological-Literary Studies on the ancient and medieval worlds) with the project of critical edition to the Titulus quare dicitur?, a comment of the Carolingian Age to the Ars minor by Donatus transmitted by two manuscripts dating to the X century.

I have developed an interest in palaeography and in codicology during the drafting of the degree and the master degree thesis at University of Salerno, where I dealt with the study of the ms. Cambridge, King’s College, 52 within Juvenal’s textual and scholiastic tradition. It concerns a witness dating to the last quarter of the IX century and that is possible to locate in North-Eastern France. I am currently working on the edition of the scholia and the glosses to Satires by Juvenal existent in this manuscript, in collaboration with Stefano Grazzini, my mentor at University of Salerno.

My fields of interest are: history of Latin literary texts’ tradition and reception, textual criticism and Latin palaeography.


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